Jo is a consummate professional. I think we've all heard the stories of builders who just don't deliver so I was extremely happy and relieved to be dealing with someone of Jo's calibre.

She's dependable, reliable and to my surprise unbelievably honest. Plus she can explain things without the confusing technical building jargon so you understand exactly what's happening every step of the way. From the moment I met her she was the perfect builder. She knew her stuff in detail, she really listened to what I wanted AND she gave me excellent alternative options. I was also able to tap into her female talent and familiarity with how a busy family home operates. Her advice regarding things that would make each room more attractive and more efficient were priceless; secret drawers in the kitchen, better shelving and a slightly different sink in the laundry to subtle changes in the kids room. 

To my relief she also came shopping with me to buy accessories for the kitchen and bathroom so she could answer my queries on the spot and help me work out what would look best in our house. She has an amazing eye for small important details that make the world of difference to the house.  I'm so glad I listened to her suggestions. But it's her friendly, easy going manner that is her greatest asset. She can give suggestions and advice without forcing her opinion or pressuring you to into a decision. She's smart and knows her stuff inside out but most importantly she's very human. She can relate to your individual situation, put herself in your shoes and then use her expertise to help you with the option that works best for you. She’s flexible and accommodating - nothing's too hard for her. She's amazing and I'll be eternally grateful that she was recommended to me. I have recommended her to my friends.


Loretta and Adam South