Our existing kitchen looked like a bomb had hit it, but despite having talked about doing something about it for years, and having a couple of sets of plans drawn up that we didn't really like, we'd pretty much put the whole thing in the 'too hard' basket. When Jo came on board, things started happening all of a sudden. We both had some fairly strong ideas about what we wanted - Jo managed to find solutions that suited our budget and also coped with our collection of 'interesting' furniture, like the baltic pine dresser, scale collection and genuine butchers' block (from Heyfield).

We're still thrilled with the new kitchen. We didn't want an ultra-modern kitchen, which is all most kitchen companies offer and would have looked silly in our less-than-ultra-modern abode. The quality of workmanship is terrific and Jo's attention to detail is unbelievable. In one fell swoop, we've gone from Addams Family to Home Beautiful.

Grant & Rosemary